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The aim of this policy is to give an understanding of how to act responsibly when dealing with waste products and products which are harmful to the environment.

We want to encourage people to think about the use of different products.

  • to encourage people to think about where or how the products were made.
  • to outline the personal responsibilities and expected standards of behaviour of volunteers.
  • to offer support and guidelines to volunteers.
  • to help you find help and advice.

This policy should be read alongside our policies and procedures listed in the Right hand menu of this page.

We recognise:

  • Environmental issues are complex and this policy will not cover all aspects.
  • We encourage people to limit the use of plastic and recycle plastic containers. We also encourage people to avoid using polystyrene containers and consider alternatives to single use cups and cutlery.
  • We encourage people to recycle cardboard and paper.
  • At the Clothing Store we encourage all volunteers to think how items can be reused, repaired or recycled.
  • At our creative craft sessions we often use recycled materials in our products.
  • We encourage all volunteers to consider the impact of using items such as wet-wipes, cleaning materials which contain unnecessary chemicals and detergents that are harmful to the environment.

This policy is a work in progress. It was written on 5 th May 2019 and will be reviewed regularly.