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Promoting and encouraging the inclusion of refugees and sanctuary seekers in the Wakefield District.

Offering welcome and inclusion

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary offers welcome and inclusion to people coming to our district whose lives are in danger in their own countries.

Encouraging local groups

We encourage communities, voluntary groups, faith and community organisations in the Wakefield district to welcome and assist sanctuary seekers and refugees.

Celebrating positive stories

We want to highlight, communicate and celebrate  stories of positive contributions by sanctuary seekers and refugees, as well as challenging hostility and discrimination.

A City of Sanctuary

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary is part of the national City of Sanctuary movement and is working towards the title ‘City of Sanctuary’ being officially adopted by and on behalf of the people of our area.

Help needed

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary needs your help. Every week WDCoS supplies shoes and clothing, operates a food store, runs twice-daily online English lessons, delivers in-person English teaching, provides targeted financial support, helps with signposting and solving problems, facilitates a skill-sharing craft group, offers activities and, from our base at St Michael’s, WDCoS provides a welcoming space for a coffee and a chat.

Can you help us support people seeking sanctuary? Here are some easy ways to help: