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Standing with Ukraine

Responding to the Ukranian crisis 

We have all watched with horror as the Ukrainian war has unfolded and (so far) over a million refugees have left their country often leaving family members behind. 

We all want to do something, and stories of people in neighbouring countries have set an example for us to follow in their beautiful compassionate acts. The fact that our government’s response has been pitiful should not stop us all contributing. 

At times like these we realise that you may want to give something, to do something to help. 

Right now, the way we can all help most is by supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal. so, our appeal to you is, if you can, to support this DEC appeal financially. If you cannot, please spread the word to those who are able to give. 

We are not currently collecting clothes or food for Ukraine. Meanwhile see our donations page for new clothing donations needed.

There is a project now offering immigration advice: The Ukraine Advice Project

From the committee, working group and trustees.