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Wakefield District City of Sanctuary is a group of individuals from many different backgrounds, we have many different experiences of life, and we aim to value each other equally. This is part of what makes us use the description “a grassroots movement”.

In such a grassroots movement we hope that all will have an equal opportunity to use our gifts to serve one another. We aspire to being a movement where all have a voice, a contribution to make, and where we work well together. In order to do that we have written some policies that help us understand how we should work together in a way that ensures we are all able to serve, be safe, and be effective.

List of policies:

  • Recruiting Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Induction and Training Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy.
  • Role of designated safeguarding officer.
  • Recording and information sharing (in preparation)
  • Health and safety policies 
  • Lone working policies
  • Reporting allegations of bullying or complaints of inappropriate behaviour. (in preparation)