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We are happy to report that we had an excellent Garden Jubilee Jam. A great time was had by all, we gave up counting how many different nations were represented!

Thank you to Ali Bullivent for organising it, all of the artists and musicians, to the brilliant folks at the Art House Studio of Sanctuary, and to our funding partners: Leeds Community Foundation and the Arts Council England.

Song: Welcome to the Garden Balcony
(Created with Diego and Ali at Saturday and Thursday sessions)

Beautiful bees on a garden balcony
Ladybirds dance in the trees
Mint and rosemary precious bouquet
Dragonflies float in the breeze

En el Bello Balcon
Las Catarinas Bailan
La Fresca Aroma del la menta
Las Mariposas Bailan y Gozan

Las Flores son Beyass
Las Fresas ses Allegran
El Santuario donde todos
Somos Bienbe ni dos

Love the space
Such a special place
Oasis in the heart of the city

Oku kuna ozondui     ('planting seeds' herero
Planting van satte     ('planting seeds' Afrikaans)
Kashte Dane     ( 'planting seeds' Farsi)
Ur tarix     ( 'planting seeds' Mongolian)

Kira! - bless you!
Orra kose- thank you
As-salamu alaykum
Muchos gracias
Okie Dokie