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Volunteering Opportunities – 2022

Welcome to 2022 – and to start the year Wakefield District City of Sanctuary (WDCoS) has some new volunteering opportunities.

WDCoS is looking to introduce a variety of sessions including a weekend Walk and Talk sessions, Craft and Chat sessions and a Booklet project.

Also, WDCoS has also been invited to run play, activity, craft and other sessions at Urban House.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities detailed below please contact me at [email protected] or ring 07311 283964 for a chat and more information. If I don’t answer the mobile straight away, or get cut off, please leave a text message, the reception at Studio 3, The Art House is intermittent.

Thanks and good wishes, Linda   

Volunteers needed                                  January 2022

Resource Centre – Please talk to Nigel – [email protected]

Volunteers needed to help with signposting and supporting computer access.  

Monday –                9.30am – 12.30pm            and     12.30pm – 4pm  

Wednesday –            9.30am – 12.30pm            and     12.30pm – 4pm  

Friday –                   9.30am – 12.30pm            and     12.30pm – 4pm   

Food Store – Please talk to Jen – [email protected]

Volunteers needed to help distribute food and restock shelves.

Wednesday –            12.30pm – 4pm  

Friday –                   12.30pm – 4pm  

Clothing Store – Please talk to Jen – [email protected]

Volunteers needed for sorting and shelving clothing

Online English – Please talk to Susan for days and times [email protected]

Volunteers needed for conversational English

Walk and Talk CoordinatorPlease talk to [email protected]

Volunteer needed to plan new sessions and oversee volunteer teams.

New sessions starting January/February 2022.

Walk and Talk Volunteers – Please talk to [email protected]

Saturdays – 10.30am – 12.30am

All volunteers are welcome to participate. 

Studio 3: Craft and Booklets – Please talk to [email protected]

Tuesdays: 1pm – 4pm WDCoS Booklet project

Volunteers needed to help compile booklets

Herbs & Spices/Fruits & Berries /Local Trees/Traditional Remedies

Thursday: 2pm – 4pm Crafts & Chat sessions

Volunteers required to help with crafts and conversations

Family Gardening project – Please talk to [email protected]

Saturday: 2pm – 4pm – one Saturday a month from January

Using recycled items, will include making and decorating plant pots

Planting herbs and flowers and information about local plants and wildlife.

Urban House and Initial Accommodation venues

Weekday afternoons 2pm – 4pm – evenings 5pm – 6.30pm

Play sessions for Children

Activity and Craft and Chat sessions for adults

Board Games sessions for men

Teams of 4 or 5 volunteers needed to run sessions at the initial accommodation venues. This opportunity is open to individuals or groups of volunteers. For safeguarding teams have to have a minimum 4 people.

Play sessions for children will include parents. Activity and Craft sessions can be for groups of women or groups of men. Board Games sessions will be for men. 

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary Volunteer Induction Training is available for potential volunteers. For more information please contact Linda 07311 283964 or email [email protected]