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Zoom! From 0 to 12 in five months!

Not quite Formula One, but our covid-secure online English classes have taken off!  Our online presence began in early July, when it was clear that the Conversation Cafes would not re-open, but it took until mid-August before our first learner found us.  Since then we have had up to 12 learners in our daily Zoom sessions, although the average number is around 6. 

One learner commented:

“Thank you very much for your understanding and support. The presence of valuable people like you keeps us alive.  Words are insufficient to thank you. Im very grateful.”

Just like the Conversation Cafes that were closed down by the pandemic, we aim to bring a friendly face and a bit of English conversation into the lives of people who are seeking asylum in the UK.  Just as before, people come and go, but some stay and working with them is a joy.  Their levels of English are varied, but they all need to listen to real English voices and they all need to try out what they know in a safe space.  In this time of national lockdown, many asylum seekers are forced to live in almost complete isolation, so what we are doing is more important than ever.  

We provide a lesson each day, Monday to Friday, and each day has a different approach.   We would like to offer more.  With more teachers we could run more sessions.             Could you help?    If you think you might be interested and want to know more, contact

[email protected]  or  [email protected]