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Asylum Seekers Support Fund – July Update

C​/​O​ Quaker Meeting House,
Thornhill Street,
Wakefield WF1 1NQ
Registered Charity No. 1187477

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for supporting Wakefield District City of Sanctuary. Your support is really appreciated and greatly valued by all of us​.​ However, we’re writing to ask for help.

Throughout the lockdown our Asylum Seekers Support Fund has continued to support asylum seekers with no recourse to public funds.

At the Clothing Store, we have set up a mini-foodbank and a delivery system for essential items. We are managing to deliver food, funds, essential clothing, games and toys to the families and individuals in need.
However, the lockdown has brought to light an increased number of people who are destitute.

Though the Home Office is offering support to more destitute asylum seekers, they are not accommodating people quickly. Consequently more people are reliant on the Asylum Seekers Support Fund for financial and practical support as well as moral support.

As things stand, if we are to continue to support those currently on our lists, we will need an extra £5,000 this year. Even if people are given Home Office support, we are aware of an increasing number of people needing short-term and longer-term support.

Put simply, we need financial support to continue to help some of the most vulnerable people who are the very edges of our community. We need financial donations; if at all possible, the most practical way to help would be to set up a standing order.

To set up a standing order with your bank – our account number is 17824568 and sort code 30-99-01, or fill in the attached form and return it to us.

Any donation also goes a bit further with Gift Aid – now we’re an official charity, we can claim an extra 25% on your donation if you’re a

Please fill in the form you can find on our Donations page, or donate via Givey (Both links are here) if appropriate.

As a movement which offers welcome and hospitality to asylum seekers and refugees, we are more comfortable encouraging people to offer a friendly smile and a hand of friendship.

Unfortunately, in this difficult time, we need to ask for practical as well as moral support.

Thank you for all that you do for Wakefield District City of Sanctuary.
Every gift is seen as a token of friendship and welcome.

Yours sincerely

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary Trustee Group,

For further information:
please see our website (The one you are visiting now :))

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