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Coronavirus Information

All of us who are a part of the Wakefield City of Sanctuary care for the health and well-being, not only of the people who are visiting our area as asylum seekers, and staying as refugees, but also for all of us who live together in Wakefield.  We are monitoring the developments in the COVID19 virus and our government’s response to it. 

We are having to constantly reassess our activities to keep us all safe.  As we need to, an in order to stay safe, we will be scaling down our activities temporarily.

As a part of our response we are making sure that the message about hand-washing is being spread widely and we are ensuring that there is provision at all of our activities to do so safely. 

As a part of this, and with help from some members of the Institute of Translators, we have been able to produce posters about handwashing in

6 languages:  Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Pashto, Tigrinya and Urdu.  You are welcome to download copies of these translations from here.