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Wakefield has a number of places where you can buy food from other countries.

Probably the best one is Manchester Stores, on the edge of the Eastmoor Estate. The address is 38 Park Lodge Lane, Wakefield. WF1 4NL

Dealing mainly with Asian and middle eastern foods, it also stocks African and Afro/Caribean foods, and has a good selection of fresh vegatables from many countries.

For African food, there is also the “Gambians Abroad” shop on Doncaster Road.

Most of the major supermarket chains, such as Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s will also have an international food section.

If you travel to Leeds, our nearest big city, you will find a larger range of specialist food stores and supermarkets.

There are also On-line specialists such as this one. who deal mainly in hard to find recipe ingredients.