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Touch Typing – is a useful skill to have if you are seeking work.  We have found a free course here that is fun to use, although it does have a daunting number of lessons !

Learning English – We are continually finding new free-of-charge resources for learning English.  One of the best places is – we have found that there are specific videos aimed at specific language speakers, so do search for english lessons aimed at those who speak your native language.  (e.g. English for Arabic Speakers, English for Farsi speakers, and so on.  There are lots to choose from  – and if you find any that are particularly good, let us know, and we will highlight them on this page.

Angela recommends this series of youtube videos by IELTSLiz

Linda has advised this is also a good resource for learning english: 

This site has also been recommended:

Heather recommends these resources on youtube: Anna English, Aly Papa, Woodward English and Online Oxford English.

Learn Office Applications – Great courses for learning Excel, Word and a host of other useful business applications here at

Learning to Drive? – Practice the theory test here:

Tesfalem (Retas) recommends this site : for theory practice.

Legal Claims – Getting Money BackUse this government web site.

Life in the UK – Citizenship Tests – Free online tests are available here

More tests here:

Looking for a Job?

If you get Universal Credit you will need to keep a journal of jobs you have applied for to make sure your payments continue. Login to Universal credit here 

The associated government Find a job website can be found here.

There are many many websites and agencies that can help you to find a job.  Here is a selection of the main ones, but there are many more. 
Total jobs
CV Library

Most of these job sites will ask for a C.V. or resume which should give your contact details and previous working experience.  Need to write a CV? –  we can often help with this during our peer support sessions in Studio 3.

You should also check local job agencies – there is a list for Wakefield here … Wakefield Job Agencies List.

Apply for British Citizenship (General government page)


Wakefield Citizens Advice Bureau 

Immigration information can be found here