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A code of conduct for dealing with each other with sensitivity to our differences, with confidentiality, and with mutual respect.

Volunteering sensitively

  • All volunteers, enablers and helpers should treat each other with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • People should be prepared to listen to each other and allow people time to express themselves regardless of language skills
  • People should be aware of different cultural sensitivities – some people may find physical contact difficult; others may expect a physical form of greeting. People should respect differences without taking offence.
  • When talking to someone with limited English a calm and moderate
  • tone should be used. Please use short simple phrases and be patient.
  • When talking to someone via an interpreter try to be sensitive to confidential issues and be discrete
  • People should not use obscene, derogatory or blasphemous language – in any language
  • Everyone should be aware of child safety issuers and ensure that the venue and equipment is safe.
  • Volunteers, enablers and helpers should treat people equality and non-judgementally

Precautions and sensitivities

  • Photography: Please be aware that people have come from difficult situations, always ask before you photograph people. Be aware that some people are escaping marital violence photos of them or their children may compromise their safety.
  • Social media: Please do not post comments relating to asylum seekers on social media – as with photos people can be traced. Do not post messages for people or refer to people by name. If people are trying to find family members contact the Red Cross.
  • Communications with the media: Asylum seekers who are at Urban House, (the Initial Accommodation Centre), and asylum seekers in the community are vulnerable people. If you are contacted by the media, or someone claiming to be from the media, please contact WDCofS Coordinator or the Chairperson. If you are asked to make comments about Urban House please refer the matter to Urban House. (01924 572003). Urban House tries to protect the interest of people in their care. Please be aware that the identity of people at Urban House should be kept confidential. If an agency contacts you asking about a specific person, do not acknowledge that you know the person. Even if the caller is offering help and support, refer the caller to Urban House.
  • Confidentiality: Please be aware that people who are in the asylum process or have been through the process may give you some of their personal information. Information should not be shared with another person or an agency unless the person has specifically given you permission – even then take care.
  • General: If a person shares with you that they wish to harm themselves, harm others or committee a crime, please contact – Urban House if they are staying there, WDCofS Coordinator or the Chairperson or Samaritans (01924 377011), the police non-emergency (101) or, in an emergency the police on 999.
  • Do not try to cope with matters on your own – we are here to offer a welcome and when needed to find the right support.

Updated: 10/10/2017