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We are gradually getting to grips with the many donations we received.

We have started to catalogue the curtains we have in stock.

Images and descriptions will be posted on the following pages, and (hopefully) removed when they have been taken, or a need has been met 🙂

We have an Excel Spreadsheet showing all the curtains we currently have with sizes (in centimeters) and type – if you have Excel installed, click on the link to launch : Curtain Stock

Click on the links to see curtain stock in the colours below:

Box CURT-001 – Mainly Brown Coloured

Box CURT-002 – RED Curtains

Box CURT-003 – RED & Brown Curtains

Box CURT-004 – Purple / Violet Curtains

Box CURT-005 – Mixed

Box Curt-006 – Mixed

Box CURT-007 – Mixed

Box CURT-008 – Mixed

Box CURT-009 – Mixed

Box CURT-010 – Mixed