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As the above extract from google maps shows, most supermarkets are near the centre of town, with a large Asda store to the south.

We suggest you start with Morrisons in the Ridings shopping centre – they have also very generously donated food to our food bank in the last few years.

Central Wakefield has two Sainsbury’s, the larger one being in the Trinity Walk shopping centre. The other one is on Ings Road.

There are a number of smaller outlets in Wakefield where prices are very good. If you consider the stores in the same retail park as Sainsbury’s on Ings Road, have a look at the Home stores B&M and Home Bargains, both of
which sell food, in addition to their main focus on household goods.
Also, the Range has a frozen food section (called Iceland) in addition to their small food range.

Further down Ings Rd, towards the rail station, you will find “Jacks” which is a brand name of Tesco. It aims to compete with the german food retailers, Aldi and Lidl.

Speaking of those, there are Aldi stores throughout Wakefield, with the largest one being in the Snowhill Retail park, just off the Bradford road, as you leave Wakefield. This retail park also has an Iceland Food Warehouse which can be very good if you have freezer storage available. Both these stores are “out of town”, you really need a vehicle to get to them.

There are frequent food markets throughout the week in the Catherdral precinct in the centre of town, although these have suffered from not having a permanent home.

There are a larger number of “Polish” shops in and around Wakefield, which can be very good for fresh produce, although they do largely cater for the Polish and eastern european population.